Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Touch over the internet - Durex Fundawear

It was predicted back in 1993 in the movie "Demolition Man" (where it was also predicted with a good 20 years of advance the political career of Schwarzenegger, btw), but finally humanity caught up with its own imagination
Durex is actively working on an app and (hardware) technology that synchronizes two cellphones ("his" and "hers") with each others underwear - a touch on the screen is transmitted in real time with a stimulus to the partner's lingerie, taking the "phone sex" concept to a whole new level!
The initiative is obviously supported by the expected behind the scenes video, basic advertising and everything we may need (a dedicated channel on youtube, a deep dive on the technology used, etc).

The buzz is here already (the news got full media coverage), but what's interesting is that this kind of app may not be relegated only to a pure show off or marketing stunt from Durex, it really has the potential to at least pick the curiosity of more than one potential customer: be it because is fun, or because...it works!
As a bonus feature, the "original" virtual sex moment in pop culture, starring Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock...enjoy!

Monday, May 13, 2013

There's market for everything

By looking at the images below, one may look for a punchline or ironic payoff...but there's nothing like this awaiting at the end of the post: these are plain and simple examples of advertising for men lingerie.
Until now, a men who enjoys to wear something like this was forced to wear women lingerie, but this incredible gap in the marketplace is finally filled...
...and the communication masterminds can start working on the most direct piece of advertising ever conceived, to satisfy even the last untouched market niche. 


Friday, May 3, 2013

The "va va voom" button!

The competitive environment of the automotive segment calls for extreme measures in terms of advertising: since it's not always possible to compete on a technical\quality level, the communication mostly revolves around sending an emotional message instead of a purely rational one
A nice example of this choice taken to the extreme is the following video for Renault Clio, where the subtlety of the "emotional" message is discarded in favour of a more explicit "va-va-voom" to demonstrate...well, basically nothing other than "va-va-voom", which can be translated to "generic emotional message"
Still, the complete absence of anything resembling rational value and the whole spectacle created for the AD (being it true or not) grants it a place on the blog

One last tidbit of info: As always in this pseudo-viral videos, the choice of the exact preview frame, is NEVER casual...

...as you can see by the second video, aimed to a different audience but a similar frame! www.tips-fb.com

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sex mktg archives - sex where you don't expect to

Why using a common billboard to show up your sexy-ladies-based-product, when the male body has plenty of surfaces to do the same?

German Crafts


Sex Mktg Archives - Invisibile AD

Lynx pursues brand awareness by...hiding his ADs in plain sight - it might seem a paradox, but as the video shows, a bunch of people looking at "nothing" can generat definitely more buzz than a couple of persons looking at a billboard!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Slap that ketchup...slap it

In the reign of social media and digital marketing, the more "traditional" of the guerrilla marketing campaigns, the stickering, is slowly fading into obscurity...but every now and then a creative idea comes up to remind us of it's value

An erotic shop, specialized in fetish\sadomasochistic toys, conducted a guerrilla campaign in the nearby fast foods, restaurants and so on, to attach to ketchup bottles a very peculiar sticker
Everybody knows how to make a ketchup bottle work - you "slap" it from behind...this simple action takes a whole different meaning when you find the stickers above at your table: pure genius.

The sprite shower

Not really a "sex marketing" article, but the sheer coolness of the initiative and the fact that is happening in a brazilian beach full of swimsuits, justify the presence of this video on this blog

The idea doesn't even need an explanation - it's "just" a giant Sprite shower in the form of a dispenser!

This is certainly not a marketing campaign for everybody's pockets, but for an already known brand as Sprite it's the perfect way to promote awareness!


Not that kind of show

Intriguing piece of advertising used in the past months to promote the new season of "True Blood" - after a couple of seasons the show already had a clear positioning, something like "that series with the vampires having sex"...when the PRIME communication team looked for a way to express both concept (sex and vampires)...that's the result

Not very clever, but eye-catching!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Breast cancer awareness - more ADs

Two examples of cool marketing initatives, meant to spread breast-cancer awareness: the first one fully develop in the virtual world of social-media, while the other is definitely more "tangible"!
An entire instagram channel (called "boobstagram") was launched last year with the noble intent of awareness: started in france, http://boobstagram.fr/ continues to increase its fanbase, submissions number and popularity...all thanks to a clever idea and the motto "we cannot become all doctors or surgeons. But we can all take part in prevention"

"Touch them to ensure they won't disappear"
The following installation, in Prague, consists of interactive panels, with an hidden secondary image (yes: breasts) that appears when touched by human hands - the campaign description explains that the panels were put in "male oriented areas", since the idea was to make the male audience more sensible to the theme...by reminding them that also men have an "active" role in prevention!
...and for more on the theme, click here and get another article with original campaign for breast cancer awareness already presented in sex-marketing

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Here's a cool  campaign from the market's best, Durex - a dedicated website, with all the expected social media integration, for those who want to partecipate in an artistic contest...to design the new durex box

The aims of the iniative are many: engagement, trough an explicit call to action and the social media; making the brand positioning even "younger" than it currently is; a bit of buzz and awareness on the web (the famous 15 minutes of celebrity) 
Participants and visitors as well are asked to vote, share and, potentially, win something concrete along with some recognition - in conclusion, a curious marketing mix made of social media, contests, merchandising that's sure to work...because, who wouldn't want to "see you design in bedrooms worldwide"? 

Epic Axe commercial

Another blog update, another stupid (but genius) Axe commercial - the setting, themes and payoff are almost the same as the other spots, but this one is particulary epic in its idiocy!

Just some guilty pleasure posters

A short collection of funny posters - the first one is for the most revered brand in the industry, Playboy, which toys with a situation familiar to many men: quickly hiding what they're really doing

Marketing empathy: guaranteed
The next ones are visual ADs for a sexy shop (LoveStore) who lightheartedly proclaims "make sex not war", and explains the concept in a literal and clear way

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sex & Places

The social media themselves can't be considered anymore as an unconventional communication channel, since they are basically the starting point of any respectable marketing campaign - still, is cool to see how the innovations within them are starting to be exploited, like the well recognized "places" function

In this case an HIV awareness campaign tries its best to be eyecatching with the places logo, by conveing at the same time a very direct message, sure to be caught by the new "social" generation
Jane Williams and 34 others were here
Bill Johnson and 19 others were here


Nut-cracker girl

"A woman may go to the gym to get a fit ass - a good gym can help you to do so".

There are many, many ways to convey this simple message in a simple and efficent manner, but Orange Fitness chose the hard way...and went with this not-so-tasteful Ad instead

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Geeks revenge, vintage style

A vintage wannabe poster for an erotic fragrance (yes, people still believe this!) - the uninventinve "erox"
...an AD worth mentioning even if it fails in comparison with similar attempts to appeal to the nostalgics, like these ADs (already seen here on sex marketing).